My Vision

I want to open a retreat. My current vision is an eco-friendly resort located in the midwest, where guests can enjoy peace and tranquility in an open learning environment, surrounded by nature, featuring healthy food and classes to assist in the journey. The focus would be on wellness and whole living. Those who are experiencing a divorce, new moms, on a personal journey, seeking creative opportunity, grieving a loss, alleviating chronic mild mental illness, or seeking quiet haven would benefit from this space.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green Beer - and other odd things

Nothing against St. Patrick or his day, but green beer? Really? At any rate it tastes the same, so I'm good.

It is a good thing to have stuff to celebrate. Whether it be the patron saint of engineers, a new relationship, a couple of pounds off the scale - all these things are little or not so little reminders of the positive things in life. By adding a party, a reward, a celebration, a reason to get out with friends, we add even more value to our triumphs and milestones.

What are you celebrating?


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