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I want to open a retreat. My current vision is an eco-friendly resort located in the midwest, where guests can enjoy peace and tranquility in an open learning environment, surrounded by nature, featuring healthy food and classes to assist in the journey. The focus would be on wellness and whole living. Those who are experiencing a divorce, new moms, on a personal journey, seeking creative opportunity, grieving a loss, alleviating chronic mild mental illness, or seeking quiet haven would benefit from this space.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Feelings, Actions, and Characters - Oh My!

How do you know when the way you feel is based upon a "real" interpretation of an experience or if it is colored by your mental illness?

If I take that thought a bit further, what does it mean if you act upon those feelings? Are the actions real or some representation of true self?

As time goes on, and you develop behaviors based on these feelings, does this become your character?

Can reflection, therapy, etc. get you back to your true character?


Wellness Writer said...

I should think it really depends if you feel you are "mentally ill." This is a distinction I've never agreed with.

I don't believe the mind and body are separate entities. And, independent of the period when I took so much medication, I was just depressed...and I don't classify that as a mental illness (even if others do).

However, the medication did cause erratic behavior and during that period, my behavior and thoughts were "off."

Yet, even then, I wouldn't have classified myself as "mentally ill."

I guess I didn't address your question, but I just feel bad when people label themselves or let others label them!


Jade said...

Hmmm what is true character if we are beings who are in constant change. For me, if it feels real in that moment, than it is real. It may not be lasting reality, but for that moment it is true. And really, all we can do is live moment by moment eh?I know thats not a great answer to your question or... "preponderance" but we all live and have different realities. All we can do is take it moment by moment, day by day.
But I am a true believer that self reflection takes one back to their true self, or at least gives one ideas of where they want their reality to be. From that point its up to the individual to make it happen.
Been thinking about you girly and hope that you had a wonderful weekend!!!! :-)

Jade said...

Glad I know how to reach ya because it's been a while since you've posted. I'd be worried! Hope you're having a peaceful day my friend.

Jade said...

Hehe still buggin you on your blog...:-)

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J9 said...

YOu sound like a soul seeking peace. I think many of us are feeling pretty mental from all the universal, cosmic changes taking place on this planet.

Anonymous said...

Many of us "feel" a whole lot more than we can consciously understand.