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I want to open a retreat. My current vision is an eco-friendly resort located in the midwest, where guests can enjoy peace and tranquility in an open learning environment, surrounded by nature, featuring healthy food and classes to assist in the journey. The focus would be on wellness and whole living. Those who are experiencing a divorce, new moms, on a personal journey, seeking creative opportunity, grieving a loss, alleviating chronic mild mental illness, or seeking quiet haven would benefit from this space.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

KISS - Keep it Simple (Stupid)

I need more kisses - the traditional kind and the application of simplicity in life.

My grandma reminds me every Sunday when we talk on the phone that the world is getting too wrapped up in itself. That we all need more time rocking on the porch, drinking a root beer and chatting it up with our neighbors over the hedge. She's on to something...

Many of us are "linked" electronically all over the place - crackberries, cell phones, Internet, blogs, and IM. But are we connected emotionally? Physically? Do we share energy or just electrons?

The price I pay is a sense of being in my own little world - which leads to loneliness. It's just too easy to type a note rather than stop by. But the hard way is more rewarding for my spirit.


Wellness Writer said...

Surely, your grandma is right. The idea of sitting on a porch and chatting sure beats leaving a comment on a blog.

But...there is also something nice about knowing that I can connect with someone who lives in the Midwest when I live in Los Angeles.

Maybe, we need both.


Jade said...

Nothing better than an outside chat :-)

I agree with your gram. The world and those in it are getting way too caught up in themselves. Including myself. The great thing though Carrie... Is that you have a awesome gram around to remind you of that. I often call my grandma from Arkansas for a reality check. She's a smart old bird!

Hope you're don't well my friend.
Hugs to you

Jade said...

Hey missy. Just leaving my mark on your page! :-)

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* <---------- hehe thats my mark